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Radio Amplifier 

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( 1
 ) ... FM Amplifier


    We offer here a real FM Amplifier.  Why do we say Real, because it is made by HARADA, which is one of the largest Antenna Manufactures in the world.  They make antennas for Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, and many other car manufactures from all over the world.  These amps are not made in China, thus it is manufactured by USA specs when they were in Michigan in the USA years ago.  These amps will out perform any amp made in China.  We have limited supply's of these amps, when there gone, there are gone, as Harada is now in China, and no longer makes this piece.  So if your wanting a clean amp, .. this is the best choice out there.


FM Amplifier.
FM Gain: 15 DB.
Amplifies weak or distant signals.
Improves windshield antenna reception.
On / Off switch indicator light.
Standard Motorola Connector.
FM 88 - 108 MHz.
DC 12V 15mA.
Mounting Bracket included.


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FM Amplifier

$39.99 Free Shipping in the USA


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